Build your own veggie garden using recycled pallets

You’d be surprised what you can do with an old wooden pallet.

Making a pallet garden is one of the simplest ways to upcycle an old pallet, giving it new life as a veggie garden, rather than letting it end up in landfill. You can recycle a pallet into a horizontal or vertical garden, which is especially handy when you want to grow your own produce, but don’t have a big backyard.

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make your own pallet garden

Tools to build a pallet garden

Ready to start? Here’s all you’ll need:

Where can I find free pallets?
Try asking your local supermarket, or hardware or department store if they have wooden pallets they are happy to give away. You can also try looking on Gumtree for used pallets. If you don’t mind spending a few dollars, your local market might also have pallets for sale.

Three simple steps to build a re-purposed pallet garden

  1. Paint your pallet
    Brighten up your pallet by giving it a fresh coat of paint! Once the paint is dry, apply varnish to provide protection from the weather. You might like to sand down the pallet before painting, for a smooth finish.
  2. Line the pallet with weedmat
    Line the pallet with weedmat, which serves as a base for your pallet garden, and will prevent soil and water from leaking out. You can buy weedmat from any hardware or gardening store.
  3. Fill your pallet garden with soil and start planting!
    Once the frame of your pallet garden is complete, you can fill it with soil and start planting your seeds. An amazing quantity of food can be grown in a small pallet garden. With fresh herbs and veggies at close reach, your weekday menu is going to be exciting all year through.

Want ideas about what to grow in your new pallet garden, and how to look after your crop? Download our free guide on how to build an urban vegetable garden. Get ready to get your hands dirty!

Download eBook: How to Grow Your Own Urban Vegetable Garden


Advantages of pallet gardening

In addition to having fun building your urban garden and growing your own produce, the use of recyclables helps give new life to old household items that would otherwise be landfill waste.

Here are some benefits you can expect from your pallet garden.

Grow your own urban vegetable garden

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